The Anatomy of an Aussie Rescue

Anyone who knows me knows perfectly well that I have enough dogs. A gracious PLENTY of dogs. A dog for every member of my family! Ask my dogs … they all want to be the only dog. Do I need more dogs? No. The answer is no. But for whatever reason, I am compelled, time […]

Red Dog Run

This is the beginning of my favorite time of the year, weatherwise. Not only is it now cold, but all the little biting insects that live in the fields are either dead or dormant, and I can again run the dogs to my heart’s content. Late this afternoon I took the red dogs out, Risk, […]

Introducing ….

There’s been a new little man lurking (well, not exactly lurking, it’s been more like he’s laying claim to the place) around here for the past couple of weeks. He is an Emo puppy by my son’s dog Locke (RiskxItty) and he has utterly captured my heart. Not only is he handsome, but he is […]

And Then There Were None ….

Which is not a bad thing when you consider that every single puppy is in an exceptional home, living most hopefully, happily ever after. This is Batman with his new owner, Julie: And please … anyone who has a puppy from me, please send me photos and I will post them here for everyone to […]

Visit From Piper

Yesterday Batman, the only puppy still unspoken for (and one of the MOST cool in the whole litter) had his sister Piper come for a brief visit. Batman did not forget he was a Southern gentleman, both host and male to her female, so he pretty much let her rule the day. That Piper is […]

Jack Report

This precious photo of Jack came this morning via text message with this report: “Jack is getting bigger! He is so smart and happy! We love him!” Jack

Roxie With Her New Friend

Splish, now in Virginia, and named the much more beautiful name of Roxanne (Roxie) has a new family and a new friend: a Briard by the name of Kaila. Check out these photos! I don’t think there is much doubt that they’re getting along:  

And Then There Was One ….

Over the weekend, Belle (now Jilly) and Robin left with their new families for the grand adventures that await them. I could not feel better about the people who are to love them: The Staffords are a homeschooling family, so Belle will have company all the day long. Many apologies, Holly and Brian, for the […]

Mother and Son Reunion

We interrupt our regularly scheduled puppy programming to feature a few photos of the Bossies’ sire, Miko, and grandmother, Risk, Miko’s mom. We had a super time playing ball yesterday and I thought I’d share a couple of the better photos!

Counting Down … Five, Four, Three ….

While I am ever so happy to see these guys go to new homes where I know they are loved and made over and will get the attention they need and deserve, I must confess that part of me misses the mayhem, enthusiastic greetings and puppy breath! These puppies have gone to new homes this […]