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Red Dog Run

This is the beginning of my favorite time of the year, weatherwise. Not only is it now cold, but all the little biting insects that live in the fields are either dead or dormant, and I can again run the dogs to my heart’s content. Late this afternoon I took the red dogs out, Risk, […]

Mother and Son Reunion

We interrupt our regularly scheduled puppy programming to feature a few photos of the Bossies’ sire, Miko, and grandmother, Risk, Miko’s mom. We had a super time playing ball yesterday and I thought I’d share a couple of the better photos!

Risk and Grandpuppies

Grandma Risk. (She is the sire’s mother.) This is the most wonderful dog … she quite protective of our home and family, and yet so easy going with all other dogs. You would think these were HER puppies. She lets them crawl all over her, sleep with her, but draws the line at sharing her […]

Risk, the Week Before Whelping

Risk With Her Stuffed Baby

A Week and a Half to Go

Now, We Wait ….

At approximately 2:20 this afternoon, Risk was surgically inseminated with approximately 66 million of Itty’s sperm, which had a 75% motility rate … ┬ánow is the time to pray for one beautiful litter of healthy, gorgeous and incredibly intelligent puppies!