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Red Dog Run

This is the beginning of my favorite time of the year, weatherwise. Not only is it now cold, but all the little biting insects that live in the fields are either dead or dormant, and I can again run the dogs to my heart’s content. Late this afternoon I took the red dogs out, Risk, […]

Mother Daughter Ball (Play)

Roxy, now two years old, is here visiting for a few days. This afternoon, she and Emo tried to decide who was the most ball crazy. One moment it would be Emo. Then next, it would be Roxy. They chased. And raced to see who could get to the ball first. And who could get […]

Spring Romp

Because my son is home for spring break from ECU, Locke is also home. They leave again in the morning, so I took advantage of the chance today to take him out for a run, along with Acey and Emo. Although you can’t tell it in the photos, spring has almost sprung here in NC […]

Emo and Kids