Counting Down … Five, Four, Three ….

While I am ever so happy to see these guys go to new homes where I know they are loved and made over and will get the attention they need and deserve, I must confess that part of me misses the mayhem, enthusiastic greetings and puppy breath! These puppies have gone to new homes this weekend:

Jack and the Little Family

Uno (now Boris) with Lauri and Eddie Zayas


Hobbs with Ben and Helen

They will all be missed, but I’m also excited for both the puppies and for their new families! Please send photos!

Left at home still seeking forever homes are:



(Belle is by far the sweetest natured and calmest puppy in the litter.)


Batman with Boris

(Batman just wants to have fun!)

Robin with Jack


(Sweet Robin, always a bridesmaid but not yet a bride aka everyone’s SECOND pick!)

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