And Then There Was One ….

Over the weekend, Belle (now Jilly) and Robin left with their new families for the grand adventures that await them. I could not feel better about the people who are to love them:

Belle and Stafford Family

The Staffords are a homeschooling family, so Belle will have company all the day long. Many apologies, Holly and Brian, for the soft focus on this photo … I did not realize it until much later that the lens was not focusing at all. Come back and we’ll do it again!

Robin and the Yourgevidge Family

Robin has gone home to Maryland to play with the Yourgevidge family and her kissing cousin, Bella, who was a puppy from Emo’s litter a couple of years ago. I received a video this morning of the two of them playing that pretty much assures me that this was a match made in heaven!


Batman remains here with us … for now … awaiting his forever home. He is quite the little man, bold and fearless, yet biddable, and he has the run of most of the house and yet has no accidents. He is an amazing young man!

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