Red Dog Run

Beautiful Risk

This is the beginning of my favorite time of the year, weatherwise. Not only is it now cold, but all the little biting insects that live in the fields are either dead or dormant, and I can again run the dogs to my heart’s content. Late this afternoon I took the red dogs out, Risk, Emo and Weed … three generations. (Emo is Weed’s mother, and Risk his his grandmother on his sire’s side.) We had a blast.

I'm coming, Mother!

Weed is a good boy. He’s a tough puppy … but an obedient one. I’ve done a good job combining reward and compulsion with him (aka, using a long line at the right times) and when I call him, he spins on a dime and comes running.

Emo swimming

All of my dogs love to swim, and they don’t seem to care how cold the water is. Weed is just starting to figure out about the water. He fell in a few weeks ago in a different pond, and I had to haul him out by the collar because the bank was steep, so he’s not quite sure this is an endeavor he wants to embark upon.

Looks like fun, but ....

Testing the water

Follow the leader

I predict it will not be too long before he’s swimming with the best of them.

Keeping up

After all, he’s all about keeping up with the big dogs.

Mmmm ... smells good!

Because they know how to find everything good!

Weed's taped ears

PS … if you thought Weed’s ears looked funny in the pictures above, you’d be right. I have them taped. I’m not much of a fashion queen, but there are two things that seem “right” to me, and one is to tuck one’s jeans INTO one’s boots, and the other is to have forward falling Aussie ears if possible. Hence the tape. If I keep them taped for the majority of the time he is teething (which is now) he’ll have beautiful ears for the rest of his life. And he doesn’t even notice that they are taped.

And don’t you like his fancy camo duct tape?

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  1. Sal

     /  November 30, 2012

    Wonderful pictures! Love, love, love the family running. I thought the duct tape was a fancy collar for him! Didn’t even realize his ears were taped. What a handsome boy he is.

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