The Anatomy of an Aussie Rescue

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Anyone who knows me knows perfectly well that I have enough dogs. A gracious PLENTY of dogs. A dog for every member of my family! Ask my dogs … they all want to be the only dog. Do I need more dogs? No. The answer is no.

But for whatever reason, I am compelled, time and again, to look at this particular FB page, Urgent Dogs of Columbus County Animal Shelter, NC. I think it has something to do with moving there as a 16 year-old after breeding/showing/training and rescuing dogs where I grew up in Va. Beach, Va. I remember vividly that one of the first things I did after moving to Columbus County was to withdraw an entire litter of six week old non-socialized puppies out from beneath a tobacco warehouse with an opened can of cat food, and attempting to find homes for them. The lack of recognition of dogs as our companions and fellow travelers on this planet in that county was stunning to me at that time, and while things have improved immeasurably since then (they USED to toss all the dogs to be destroyed in a cement box and back the tailpipe of a truck up to it and they’ve NOW progressed to the sometimes equally inhumane heartstick) … there is still a long way to go. To be commended are the staff and the volunteers who all work tirelessly to save the dogs that get brought in, to bring them to the attention of appropriate rescues and to in general do all they can on the behalf of these voiceless, innocent and beautiful creatures.

So it was that it came to my attention that this particular dog was about to die. This is the photo that was posted on her behalf:

Maggie first

and, as you can see, when compared to the first photo, it hardly does her justice.

I have not posted on this blog in a long time, and I thought it might be neat to follow this dog’s progress from shelter to adoption. I have named her Maggie (for her coat is very black, shiny and healthy and reminds me of a Raven or Magpie). It is my guess that she is approximately a year in age, possibly a bit younger. She is friendly and confident and completely untrained. She is smart. She has been here in my home just over twenty-four hours, and in that time she’s learned to use the dog door (on her own), to sit, to “kennel” (go into the crate) and to mind her manners around the other dogs when treats are being handed out. She has had one accident this far in the house and has gone potty outside many times (she likes the cooked chicken breast treat she gets for going potty outside!). She settles well, has a great off switch and a strong play drive. She retrieves stuffed animals and loves to cavort about in the manner of all young animals simply because she FEELS so good. She already is a great blessing to me, and my current goal is to see how much I can teach her before she leaves me for her forever home.

A few more photos, taken within the hour of her arrival:

Maggie trotting 800

Maggie face 800


Maggie 800

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